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I'm Mishan,

an MD-turned-integrative health practitioner dedicated to empower you to live your healthiest life.

Medicine was not the answer.

I had this dream to become a pediatrician and work for Doctors Without Borders.  And then I went to medical school, where my entire concept of health went through a reality shock.  There’s a reason it’s called medicine – we spend our first year learning how to diagnose diseases and our second year learning what medication to give for those diseases. 

It did not take long for me to realize that my idea of healing did not fit in this model.

After medical school, my years in residency were a struggle.  As a resident in pathology, I specialized in diagnosing diseases through the microscope.  Every day I had a tumor or tissue or autopsy to evaluate and interpret.  I saw disease and death all around me.  That’s normal in medicine. 

But I wanted to know why – why did people get this sick?  How does one go from healthy to disease?  In conventional medicine, you don’t ask why.  You diagnose and treat.  It wasn’t enough for me.  So after seven years, I left the field of medicine completely.

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And then I needed to heal myself.

Everyone has a healing journey.  I am no different.  Years of ignoring my own health while pursuing my medical career quickly depleted my body.

But the truth is, my warning signs started as far back as my early teens, with digestive and skin issues.  My doctors said painful cystic acne all over my face was normal for a teenager.  Everyone believed that daily bloating was normal.

The irony is that after all my years in medicine, I had no clue that my body was so out of balance.

My personal path to healing meant that I had to relearn what real healing looked like.  I dove deep into nutrition, fitness, functional medicine, and holistic approaches that have been practiced for centuries and are only now being explained by modern science.

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Healing myself, now helping you.

As soon as you are blessed with the motivation to be truly well, you don’t just do healthy things, you become a healthy person, for life. 

I am finally able to help people in a way that brings them real results, true health, and lifelong wellness.  By healing and rebalancing your whole body, disease and degeneration are no longer your destiny.  

I’m here to empower you to be the master of your body and to achieve the best version of health that you can imagine.

Mishan Afsari

That brings me to you.

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“The results have been astounding.”
My sleep quality has dramatically improved and my cholesterol levels have seen a remarkable reduction.

– Audrey N. 

“I felt incredible!”
My PMS symptoms are much better, I see improvements in my skin, my energy levels are better, and I feel healthier and lighter.

– Noël D.
“It dramatically improved my health.”
I can now effectively manage my stress and anxiety.  I have better sleep quality and feel more rested and refreshed.

– Mojgan P. 

“Truly a transformative health journey.”
I saw changes that I didn’t think could happen.  I was no longer constipated.  My psoriasis diminished.  I feel more energized.

– Amy K.

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