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Question 1

How do you feel now?

I hear you.
And this is not how your life has to be.

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How do you want to feel?

You deserve to feel your best.

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How do we get you there?

welcome to my


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The Process

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The Timeline

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Session 1: 90-min health intake

  • Receive customized personal wellness plan
  • Do at-home functional medicine labs

One Month Later

Session 2: 90-min lab results review

  • Begin customized plans based on your results

One Month Later

Session 3: 60-min progress session

  • Learn and implement advanced lifestyle practices

One Month Later

Session 4: 60-min progress session

  • Establish your sustainable maintenance plan
  • Review longevity guide for long term health prevention

to finally do something for yourself.

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What you get from me

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Custom plans for your

Bonus plans for your

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Our Partnership

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  • You are committed to your wellbeing
  • You are open to creating change
  • You give me your 100%
  • You make no excuses
  • You believe in yourself


  • I am committed to your wellbeing
  • I help you make changes easier
  • I give you my 100%
  • I won’t let you make excuses
  • I believe in you
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single payment

Best Value


3 monthly payments of $500

Most Convenient

success stories

“The results were unbelievable.”
My hemoglobin A1c went from 6.3 to 5.6, and all my thyroid and cholesterol numbers improved.  I feel light and energetic.

– Shoreh M.

“I lost 18 lbs and looked leaner.”

It’s like I got 10 years younger!  My high cholesterol went amazingly down and my liver enzymes were back to normal.

– Remi Z.

“I feel lighter, agile, and healthier.”
I have seen significant improvements in my sleep, energy, weight, and digestion.  I no longer suffer from heart burn or eczema.

– Mike T.

“I have begun thriving again!”

I started to feel better within mere days.  Mishan helped me turn my life around and reclaim my health!

– Diane S.

This coaching package can transform your health


You seek deeper answers to your health concerns.

You want a comprehensive approach to address all areas of health.

You want to live free of disease and medications.

You are ready to adapt your habits in order to heal your body.

You want effective sustainable solutions from a coach you can trust.

You want results that last a lifetime.

Answers to your questions

All consultations are done virtually through private Zoom video sessions.  

The cost of the package includes our one-on-one coaching time during the 4 sessions (5 hours together), my interpretation of your functional medicine labs (1 hour on my end), all the personalized plans I create for you (3+ hours on my end), my regular follow-ups to check on your progress, and my full email support throughout our coaching process.  The results you will get are priceless.

The package price does not include any functional medicine labs you choose to do, any food or supplements, or any products you might use as you change aspects of your lifestyle.  

After our first session, you will receive an invoice and you can pay by credit/debit card or PayPal.  If you choose the single payment option, you pay the full amount ($1300) upon receipt of the invoice.  If you choose the 3-monthly payments option, you pay $500 upon receipt of the invoice, and then the remaining two payments ($500 each) are due 1 month and then 2 months later, respectively.

There are 3 areas of cost during our coaching time that are not included in the package price but are an added cost that you might need to consider.

(1)  Functional Medicine Labs

There are six functional medicine labs that I choose from to assess your physiology from a functional perspective.  Based on the information gathered by your health intake and our first session, I may recommend one or more of these labs.  But it will always be your choice to do a lab or not.  The labs are significantly helpful in discovering the root causes of your health issues and using that data allows you to fully heal your body.

The labs I use include:

–  hair tissue mineral analysis (minerals + metals test) = $65

–  omega-3 index test = $90

–  food sensitivity test = $290

–  organic acids test = $330

–  thyroid adrenal hormone test = $320

–  comprehensive stool test (bacteria, parasites, h.pylori) = $430

–  a panel of the first 5 labs is available at a discounted price of $1000

–  a panel of all 6 labs is available at a discounted price of $1350

(2)  Supplements

If you have nutrient deficiencies that are contributing to your current state, you may need to use food-based supplements temporarily to optimize your physiology.  The key foundational supplements can average a total of $30 per month.  Additional supplements in the 3 – 4 months of rebalancing depend on your specific needs.

(3)  Protocols

If you have specific imbalances that require a customized protocol, such protocols are a one-time cost that can range from $100 – 300 and they are temporary plans that last anywhere from 6 – 12 weeks. 

Most insurance companies do not pay for health coaching or functional medicine lab tests because these services are focused on root causes, are not considered “conventional medicine,” and do not provide you with any “diagnosis.”  However, if your insurance happens to cover any of these, you would pay for the coaching package as described above (FAQ – how can I pay) and then you would complete your insurer’s forms on your own in order to receive reimbursement from them. Alternatively, some clients choose to use their health savings accounts, in which case you would need to complete their requisite forms for reimbursement. Since I do not practice medicine and I do not use any diagnosis or procedure codes, I do not work with health insurance companies or use superbills in any capacity.

I do not offer single sessions with new clients because I have found that it is impossible for someone to overcome their health issues and achieve their goals in one session.  Similar to not expecting your personal trainer to get you fit in one session, achieving your health goals requires a well-planned process.  I designed the Complete Wellness Package to include the sessions, time, guidance, and thoroughness that I’ve seen get the best and most comprehensive lifelong results.  This approach enables us to dive deep into root causes, establish a solid foundation for every health factor, and fully rebalance your body to a thriving state.  However, after my clients have completed their wellness package, they often choose to meet for a single annual session or quarterly sessions to review and revisit health and longevity goals.

There are only six functional medicine lab tests that I utilize to assess your health status.  When we meet for our first session, based on your health intake, I may suggest one or more of these labs.  These are not blood tests that require you to go to a testing site.  Instead, they are lab kits that are shipped to your home with simple instructions for you to complete on your own.  I may recommend any of these tests for you because we will identify specific data that we then address with a custom protocol.  I always prefer to act upon data instead of using only your health history. 

Blood tests that are run by your primary health practitioner can only be analyzed by that provider and are done to “diagnose” a health problem.  In my practice, I am not licensed as a conventional medicine doctor, therefore I do not use blood work to diagnose, treat, or cure any health condition.  However, as a health educator and with my medical education background, I help you understand your blood work markers from an educational perspective so that you have the knowledge of what your numbers tell you about your health. 

Over the past three years of my practice, my primary area of focus is to help clients with digestive concerns – from bloating, constipation, pain, and acid reflux to severe diverticulitis, irritable bowel syndrome, and inflammatory bowel disease.  This often includes clients with autoimmune conditions that affect their thyroid, skin, or joints, because we find that upon diving into their intake and labs, we need to address key gut imbalances as well. 

My second common area of focus are metabolic health issues – including weight gain, diabetes, insulin resistance, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and nonalcoholic fatty liver.

My third common area of focus are hormonal imbalances – including thyroid issues (very commonly hypothyroidism or Hashimoto’s), menstrual irregularities (PMS, polycystic ovarian disease), and the entire spectrum of menopause.

The majority of my clients are women and men between 30 – 60 years old.  If I could identify one common trait they share, it’s an open mindset and the motivation to create a fully healthy life.  My clients tend to find me after feeling somewhat desperate that they are not getting the help they need elsewhere.  Often they have significant health concerns and are told that they have to be on a certain diet for life or that the only answer is medication or surgery.  I find the people who choose to work with me all have the common value that they would prefer to change their habits that will benefit them now and for their future.  

Yes, but it depends on their age and health concerns.  If children are under 16 years old, I work with the parent(s) to customize a coaching package and all sessions are done with the parent(s).  With adolescents 16 years or older, I first meet them with their parent(s) and together we decide if they are capable of doing sessions and plans on their own, depending on how independent they feel.

Never.  I am not a licensed medical doctor and I do not practice conventional medicine in any capacity.  Therefore I do not prescribe any form of medication and I do not have the ability to advise you on pharmaceutical medications of any kind.  For all medications, you would consult your primary healthcare practitioner.  If you make lifestyle changes that improve your health and lab values, then you and your doctor can assess the need for adjusting or discontinuing your medications in a safe way.

I have no financial or other affiliations with any labs or products that I suggest in my practice.  That means that I make no money or commission when you order a lab test or supplement or product that we discuss in our coaching.  All lab pricing is the baseline cost for the lab to process your samples.  Any supplement or product I recommend is something I have thoroughly researched to ensure that it meets my standards, but I am not an affiliate of any company or product.

I do not practice medicine in any capacity.  I completed medical school, received my Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree, and then completed two years of residency in Pathology.  But I ended my residency early because I knew I was in the wrong field entirely.  The path of medical school and residency requires you to complete 3 board exams in order to get a license to practice medicine, and then you must continually renew the licensing exams every two years.  I completed my first two exams (which are taken after year 2 and year 4 of medical school) and I very intentionally chose to not complete my 3rd exam (after year 2 of residency) because I knew with 100% certainty (sorry, 200%) that I would never practice medicine, ever.  The practice of medicine means you diagnose diseases and offer either drugs or surgery.  After seven years of medical school and residency where I became fully clear that I was in the wrong career, I made the choice that a license to practice medicine was of zero use to me and my desire to help people heal holistically.  You can read more about my story here.

– UCLA Bachelor of Arts (BA), Philosophy
– Chicago Medical School, Rosalind Franklin University, Doctor of Medicine (MD)
– UCSD School of Medicine, Pathology Residency
– Integrative Health Practitioner Institute, Level 1 & Level 2

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